US Driving…SRSLY?

30 Oct

This is more of a rant. I’m from Germany and the way they drive over there… I can’t even begin to tell you what an American would do over there. When I moved from Germany to here, I took my driving test. What did that consist of?

Oh yea.:

I got in my car.
Put my seatbelt.
Watched the DMV guy pray to baby Jesus.
Backed out.
Drove to a parking spot.
Drove to a stop sign.
Drove one block.
And drove back to the parking lot.

Great success!!!—————– ERRRR. What?!

No wonder you can’t seem to go anywhere without encountering a dummy on the road or seeing an accident. Is it just me or should anyone over the age of 65 be required to take a driving test every year? They sleep while they drive! Really?

Also, if you want to make a left hand turn, can you please turn off your right blinker and turn on the left one?

Why are you driving 35 when the speed limit is 55? Oh yea, because you’re texting. 

I can go on about this forever. Yet I think all of us can agree…there needs to be more strict rules. A 15 year old driving is WAAAAY to young. They don’t know much about life, much less driving. Might as well let my 4 month old drive. At least he can’t talk back to me yet.

America is putting everyone’s life in danger. They should definantly make the testing more strict. IMHO.

Just saying.



Want to apologize… -_-

30 Oct


I want to apologize because I’m a jerk face. I started this blog last year around this time and I never followed through with it. I got pregnant and had a baby and stuff…


What an excuse huh? lol. I DID though!!!


So take this as my apology and I’m sorry I failed. I shall not anymore!

Hair and Picture OVERLOAD!

12 Oct

I’m the type of person that can’t seem to stick with one haircut or style. Your hair is a great way to express yourself…. and its fun. Why not dye your hair and have fun with it? Why stick to the same ol’ boring routine? Don’t be scared. I know if you have long hair your a tad bit nervous when getting a haircut. BUT, you only live once. Hair grows back ladies! I promise. I had cancer about 2 years ago. Kemo made all my hair fall out. I just had to make what little bit I had work.  I’ll post pics of a variety of styles I’ve had.

If your scared of cutting your length you can simply do some layers…or even something as simple as bangs,like in the next few pics….

BEFORE: I know I look scary without makeup=/


Just bangs…see…what a difference…AND I can pin them back or side sweep them. Yay.










So ladies… like I said. Enjoy your hair. Have fun with it. If you make a mistake or don’t like the way it turned out, you can ALWAYS fix it. )

Enjoy. Live. Laugh. Love.

Here are a few random pics I found with different lengths and styles I’ve had in the last 2 years….

Mmmyella World!

12 Oct

So, being that this is the first blog I have EVER written… I can’t guarantee you much enjoyment. I have a very awkward sense of humor and sometimes I tend to think I’m hilarious… then I after laughing hysterically for about a minute, mouth open and throwing my hands up with squirrel fingers, I’ll realize I should have kept it to myself.

I’ll most likely write about the most random things. Makeup, cars, rant a little, hair, bad breath, nasty food, tattoos, Top Gear, space, animals, your face…ya know…stuff. I promise, I will make it as entertaining as possible. PROMISE.

Family guy… one of my most favorite shows. (Dexter is #1! WOOT!) Although I can sit there in front of my TV and watch episode after episode and be very well entertained, my husband will pick at his socks, call his friends, walk around the room about 40 times, and maybe even occasionally sigh loudly, till I shut it off.

However, If you feel like you want to give me a chance, by all means, please do. If you do happen to find something I say appealing, laugh. LOUD. Don’t be shy. You only live once. =)


Random thought: Why do helicopters use 3 or 4 blades, and not like 14?